Lumineers Veneers

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What is Lumineer Veneer?

Lumineers Veneer is a protective application mostly used for aesthetic purposes. It is based on the bonding of ultra-thin porcelain leaves to the tooth surface. It is recommended to patients by doctors in order to eliminate color changes and create a healthier smile.  It was first developed in the United States.

Since very little abrasion is applied to the patient’s original teeth during its application, zirconium veneer is among the most preferred veneering methods in Cosmetic Dentistry.  Since we are talking about a thinness between 0.2 – 0.5 mm, the application of these porcelain leaves to your teeth should be done by professional aesthetic dentists. At Marmara Smile Dental Clinic, we apply Lumineers Veneers to your teeth skillfully and in the most precise way.

What Are The Advantages Of Lumeneer Veneers?

  1. It is durable: Although the material used in laminated Porcelain Veneers is quite thin, its resistance to stretching and printing forces is quite high, since it is fully glued to the enamel. Since they can maintain their whiteness for a long time, they are also used instead of dentures.
  2. It is long-lasting Although differences in tooth structure can change the life of Laminated Porcelain Veneers, it has been proven to last for up to 20 years. Since the surface is extremely smooth, smoking and staining of similar reasons, tooth stone formations are almost never seen..
  3. It does not contain metal. They are metal-free veneers and do not leave metal taste in the mouth and can be used safely in patients with metal allergies. Resistant porcelain consisting of very thin leaves is used in the Lumineer Veneer application.
  4. There is no abrasion on teeth: If the teeth are in proper alignment, no abrasion or cutting operation is applied. A little bit abrasion is applied only when there is a distortion that is not suitable for the veneer. Since there is no thinning process on the teeth, the tooth structure is not damaged.

  1. It is a painless process: Operations are carried out without using a needle. Broken, disfigured, yellowed teeth can be easily veneered painlessly and achieved to a healthy appearance.
  2. It is a risk-free operation: There is no need to apply anesthesia in the lumineer veneer process. In this context, it does not pose any risk.
  3. It is a fast and practical treatment: For a healthy, natural smile, results can be obtained quickly and effectively with Lumineers Veneer.
  4. They can be easily pulled off: Lumineer Leaves can be easily pulled of if desired. No pain is felt in the removal process. In case of removal of veneers, natural teeth can be used as before or a different treatment can be applied according to the patient’s preference.
  5. Temporary teeth are not used: Since the veneer is applied to tooth enamel during treatment, there is no need to use temporary teeth.

When Is Lumineer Veneer Used?

  1. Lumineer Veneer is a easy and practical solution alternative for filling the gaps between the teeth and the fractures that occur in the teeth.
  2. In cases where teeth whitening applications are not sufficient, it is one of the preferred alternatives in hereditary color disorders and yellowing due to drug use.
  3. The abrasions that occur with age in the teeth are easily eliminated with this treatment method and the teeth achieve a natural healthy appearance.
  4. Lumineer Veneers for Hollywood Smile Smile Design, which is one of the popular dental aesthetic applications of recent years, like Zirconium Crowns and E-max Veneers,  are also frequently used. And patients can easily get the smile they dream of.

How to Make Lumineer Veneers?

As a result of the comprehensive examinations carried out by our specialist doctors, a treatment plan is created and the application is carried out accordingly. In order to be able to apply, the roots of the teeth must be healthy, for this purpose, detailed checks are performed with x-ray devices. Different treatment alternatives are offered if losses that may be an obstacle for Lumineer Veneers are detected in the tooth roots.

Treatment Stages:

  1. Measurements are taken from the teeth.
  2. Lumineer Veneers are prepared in appropriate sizes.
  3. The formed leaves are rehearsed on the teeth and arrangements are made if necessary.
  4. After gluing the veneers, the treatment results in success.
  5. The patient is included in the subject at all these stages and the details from color selection to determining the tooth form are analyzed together.

If you want to be remembered and be held up as an example with your smile, you can immediately apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our dentists.

What Is The Difference Of Lumineer Veneers From Other Veneers?

  1. Lumineer Veneers are applied only to the front surface of the tooth.
  • Lumineer Veneers cannot be used for missing teeth and to fill gaps, this method is not used in bridge applications.
  • Lumineer Veneers are thinner than porcelain veneers.  They are metal-free veneers and do not create any reaction in the gums.
  • Unlike E-Max veneers and Zirconium crowns, teeth are not cut, only the front surface is eroded by approximately 0.3-0.7 mm. In alternatives, the tooth is abraded all around and covered completely.
After Smile 1
Before Smile 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be Careful About After Lumineer Veneers Treatment?

The use of porcelain consisting of extremely thin leaves in the treatment can create sensitivity during recovery. Although it is a durable and resistant material, it is necessary not to consume especially cold and very hot beverages after the operation.

All activities such as nail biting, cracking nuts with teeth that can damage your natural teeth can also shorten the life of your Lumineer Veneer. Lumineer Veneers, which are among the long-lasting veneers, can be used for longer time with double-check-ups per year.

What is the Cost of Lumineer Veneers?

The cost of Lumineer Veneers is average compared to other veneers. Compared to standard metal supported Veneers, it is slightly higher. However, compared to other veneers, the abrasion process on the teeth is very slight, so it recompenses the price more. If used correctly, it is long-lasting. You can find out the average price of Lumineer Veneers from the table below and on our Price List page.

Treatment Summary

Attention: Each person is unique. Duration, planning and the result of the treatment can be different for everyone. The information given in the table are basic and average and it doesn’t represent fully accurate information for medical or scientific reliance.
Number Of Sessions2
Duration Of Operation30 Minutes
Duration Of Sensitivity

Full RecoveryInstantly
Persistence Of ResultsContinuous
Price3000- 4000 $

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