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E-Max Lumineer is one of the most preferred dental sealants in recent years. One of the most noticeable things in the famous faces we see both on television and social media is a big smile and white teeth placed right in the middle of their face. Most people also want this smile to appear on their own face.

Even in cases where too much attention is paid to oral care and dozens of applications are tried, the whiteness may not be fully achieved. From time to time, small yellow spots, and differences in tint, are a major obstacle to the appearance of our teeth in the way we aim. If you want to have pearly white teeth in such cases, but you do not get the desired result despite taking care of your dental care, we recommend that you research e-max lumineers.

What Is E-Max Lumineer?

E-max Lumineeris a widely used coating method for the front incisors to look better. It is produced in a laboratory environment with systems consisting of special computer-aided scanners and printers.

E-max Lumineer is the latest type of fine material in dental lumineer materials. Zirconium Crown has been left behind in both the fact that it provides ease of use because it is thinner, and it is more esthetic. Since it is a lumineer with higher light transmittance, it provides a more natural appearance compared to the zirconium crown.  

This type of lumineer is not recommended if there are any health problems present in the teeth. Because the lumineer does not improve the teeth, it is used only to correct their appearance. Therefore, they are used not for health problems, but to achieve an aesthetic appearance. It is not a very recommended method to use on the back teeth. It can be used in a single tooth deficiency or is preferred in a few tooth deficiencies that occur in low pressure areas because it is not directly involved in chewing.

Although there are different color options and the most preferred color is white color. When choosing a color, it is very important to choose a suitable color for other teeth.

How To Make E-Max Veneer?

E-max Lumineer is applied almost the same way as other dental drown treatments. First of all, the size of the teeth to be covered is taken. The handiwork and diligence of the employees are as important as the hygiene of the clinic when the lumineering process is carried out. Patients usually resort to e-max Lumineer after problems such as separation or breakage of their front teeth. The measured teeth are sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory, a period of 3-5 days is needed to obtain the physical state of the teeth. Rehearsals are made to understand the suitability and comfort of the teeth from the laboratory before they are fixed. Lumineers are fixed if there are no obstacles to speech, chewing or biting.

How Should E-Max Veneer Be Cleaned?

After implementation, it is necessary to use a recommended antiseptic liquid for Lumineer  cleaning. Taking care of teeth and mouth cleaning is also a very important factor in terms of the health and service life of the Lumineer. In this way, it is possible to use the teeth easily for much longer periods of time. Daily oral and dental care should not be neglected and teeth should be brushed at least twice a day.

What Are The Advantages Of E-Max Treatment?

It provides maximum efficiency, especially in the front group teeth, where the aesthetic appearance is critical. Due to its high light transmittance, it is one of the most preferred treatment methods for teeth that cannot be treated with lamina due to high material loss.

  • It does not create gray and purple discoloration at the gum level.
  • Thanks to its maximum light permeability, it is indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • It does not cause allergic reactions in the body.
  • Its hot-cold conductivity is very low and compatible with one or more tooth loss.
  • It is compatible with one or more tooth loss.

E-max treatment is a treatment that requires expertise.For this reason, we recommend that you have your treatment done by an expert team like Marmara Smile

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