Celebrities Who Have Hollywood Smile

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Today, almost all people dream of white teeth and a perfect smile. People’s smiles have a very important effect on their personality and self-esteem. People don’t always have teeth that are called pearls from birth. Sometimes the deformities in the teeth, sometimes stains or yellowing emerge as the biggest enemy of a glamorous smile.

Especially recently, the most popular applicationof aesthetic dentistry has been Holywood Smile application. Cosmetic Dentistry covers all the studies to improve the appearance of all parts of our mouth, starting from our teeth to our gums. The Hollywood Smile has become a very frequently preferred application, especially by celebrities.

Celebrities Who Have Hollywood Smile

At the beginning of our article, we told you that smile design is a very preferred method by celebrities. Now let’s talk about these celebrities.

  • Hilary Duff is one of the celebrities who owe her big, broad smile to Hollywood Smile.

  • Kate Middletonis one of the famous names who stand out for her gorgeous smile. She’s among the celebrities who have had their smiles designed. Moreover, it is so identified with herself that it has a completely natural appearance and is quite difficult to notice.
  • Another name that owes his smile to dentists is David Beckham. Beckham, who clearly didn’t get much treatment for his close-to-natural smile, only applied for intervention for his front teeth.

  • Also, there are many other famous names on the list like Zac Efron, Victoria Beckham, Nicolas Cage. If you want to have a great smile, you can have your smile redesigned with Holywood Smile with the support of a team of experts such as Marmara Smile

What Is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is the complete renovation of your smile. It is applied by placing the tooth crowns on all teeth, or at least all the teeth that appear on both jaws. This means that placement is carried out, including small molars.There are different methods used to make this placement.

What Are The Methods Used In Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile can be applied using crowns. It can be obtained by using a perfect white smile crown when the patient has yellowing teeth or having fillings. Many celebrities prefer this method.

In order to apply this method, some conditions must be provided. If the teeth are not healthy enough or there are disorders intheir alignment, treatment should be done for these problems first, and then the Hollywood Smile application should be applied.

In order for the application to be carried out, all the necessary teeth must be present and the teeth must be properly placed. The application made by using crown is one of the most enjoyable applications where a remarkable change and transformation is achieved.

Another method used is to reachthe Hollywood Smile with crowns and bridges. In this method, crowns and bridges are placed to get Hollywood Smile. At least half of the patient’s teeth should be in good condition and the other half should have a healthy root. At the same time, this technique is used when they have enough volume to assemble them with crowns. In an area where one or two teeth are absent, a bridge can be placed without major complications, but if more teeth are absent, then preparation is made for a more complex piece of prosthesis.

Another method used to obtain Hollywood Smile arises as a result of studying with implants. Hollywood Smile is most commonly achieved by using implants, since most patients do not have enough teeth. There are not enough healthy teeth for a crown or bridge specifically produced by Hollywood Smile.

First of all, the determined roots and teeth  are pulled out because they cannot be used in the last part of the work. This means that the patient will be partially or completely toothless before placing the implants in the sockets where the teeth are.

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