Differences Between Professional and Natural Teeth Whitening

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What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening operations contain the general range of applications that are demanded by the vast majority and enable the tooth color to be whitened up to a few tons with the application of various solutions. Professional teeth whitening is a treatment to remove stains and discoloration in the teeth and to clean the surface of each tooth in general deeply.

Teeth whitening operation is a part of cosmetic dentistry studies.  People want flawless pearly teeth on their faces that complement their smiles.

Teeth whitening treatment is carried out only by dentists. If you want to have a beautiful, bright, white smile, you can get help from a clinic like Marmara Smile that works with expert staff.

Teeth whitening treatment should only be performed by another supervised physician, such as a dentist or dental therapist, with the prescription of the dentist. Some beauty salons offer teeth whitening, but if there is no dentist there, these procedures are illegal and can put your oral health at risk.

Can Teeth Be Whitened Naturally?

Apart from professional methods regarding teeth whitening methods, there are also amateur methods known as natural whitening. It is discussed whether applications at home, teeth whitening treatments applied in a dentist’s office will be preferred and better. Because there is a misconception in society that they both give the same results.

Of course, both are aimed at the same purpose and achieve similar results, but professional teeth whitening is much more effective in both the short and long term. When you whiten your teeth in a professional clinic, your teeth are more likely to be really white at the end. They are also more likely to remain that way. This is because dentists have the necessary tools to create a change quickly and efficiently when it comes to teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening by Amateur Methods Can Be Dangerous!

Risks of teeth whitening applications that are not under the control of a dentist:

  • Irregular color openings
  • Gingival irritation or damage
  • Infections
  • Chemical burns
  • Damage in tooth enamel
  • Physical diseases due to accidental chemical ingestion

Professional Teeth Whitening

Now, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the importance and benefits of professional teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening involves a safe, easy and fast treatment. Your treatment is done by a well-trained dentist who thinks best about your interests, does not carry the same safety risks that may occur with a treatment you try at home. In addition, your dentist can help you to be comfortable throughout the process.

It is Exclusive

Professional teeth whitening treatments are applied exactly for you. Depending on how much whiteness you want, your dentist may offer different levels of whitening treatments to suit your personal needs and desires. Also, since the whitening tray is specially applied in your mouth, you do not need to worry about odd placement trays or misplaced gels. Your dentist takes care of these details to make sure you get the best results.

You don’t have to repeat it over and over again

Usually, a single professional tooth whitening treatment takes about 1 hour, and it will only need to be repeated about once more in order to maintain the results.


Only professional teeth whitening offers long-lasting results. At some point in the future another visit may be necessary for additional treatment, but if you take good care of your teeth and avoid staining of food and beverages, professional teeth whitening tends to last for a long time. In order to prolong permanence to longer processes, you need to pay special attention to your oral care. It is necessary to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients such as excessive acidic beverages that harm dental health, especially smoking and alcohol consumption after treatment.

How Is The Professional Tooth Whitening Applied?

I want to tell you a little bit about the stages of teeth whitening.

  • First of all, your dentist will evaluate the current whiteness of your teeth and note them. After that, s/he will then determine which shades of white will look best suited to your skin based on the current whiteness of your teeth and how white he/she can make your teeth. At this point, you can decide how white you want to make your teeth. After all this is determined, the next step will begin.
  • A pumice will be used to flatten and polish the surface of your teeth. This stone also cleans the dental plate, so your mouth is cleaned a little at the same time. Next, your dentist will use gauze and a refractor to keep your teeth dry and protect your gums, cheeks, lips and tongue from whitening solution during the application. In particular, the gum line is protected, and a barrier can be used for extra protection.
  • After, your dentist will carefully cover the front of each tooth with the selected whitening solution. When the solution is applied, a cure light or a laser will be pointed at your teeth to activate the solution and achieve maximum results. The solution will be left on for about 30 to 60 minutes and can be reapplied from time to time, depending on the exact brand of the whitening solution.
  • At the end of the treatment, your teeth will gargle and you will be given liquid fluoride mouthwash to relieve any pain after the whitening treatment. Dentists usually complete the whitening treatment in a single appointment, but some people may need to come for multiple whitening treatments to achieve the desired results.

Teeth whitening treatments are also applied for teeth with discoloration during Hollywood Smile application, which has been trending in aesthetic dentistry recently.

We recommend that you remember that all of these treatments should be applied by specialist dentists such as the ones in the Marmara Smile team.

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