Health Tourism And Its Historical Development

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People’s health problems and needs are similar in all locations, regardless of the geographical region.

With the recent technological developments, increasing the freedom of travel of individuals, facilitating transportation, providing health services in different regions of the world and changing financial opportunities by region have been the biggest factors in the emergence of the concept called health tourism. 

With the increase of unbalanced and unhealthy diet in addition to industrialization and urbanization, human and public health has started to deteriorate in recent times and health problems have started to appear in people. Therefore, people started to resort to other methods to protect their health or to solve health problems.

What Is Health Tourism?

Health tourism is a general name given to the visits of individuals to countries other than the country where they live in order to receive all health-related services.

When health tourism is mentioned, the concepts of disability tourism, medical tourism, elderly tourism and thermal health tourism come to mind first. However, special classifications are made for patients who meet their health needs for arbitrary or mandatory reasons by using facilities in other countries. The classifications are entitled in different ways such as medical tourists and patients receiving services within the scope of the health of the tourist according to the reason of needs.

History And Development Of Health Tourism

Although health tourism was not known as it is now, it is an activity dating back to ancient times. As you know, medicine is one of the oldest professions in the world. There are rumors such as visiting neighboring tribes and seeking help in the treatment of diseases in prehistoric times.

There are also findings indicating that they were connected to earlier periods in ancient and first ages. Archaeological studies and excavations have shown that many ancient civilizations tried to benefit from the healing effects of hot springs and sacred baths.

Medieval medicine is called Arab Medicine or Islamic Medicine. This nomenclature has been made in terms of medicine, where Arabic is used as a science. There is information that Muslim scientists and their civilizations founded health centers that also served foreigners in medieval health services.

In 1206, the Gevher Nesibe Hospital, which is accepted as the first medical school of Anatolia, was built. This hospital became the center of health of the regions located in the near geography along with its region.

In addition, in the Renaissance period and post-Renaissance period, Istanbul, Bursa, Budapest and Baghdad became health tourism centers in their regions and with their hospital and hot springs.

From the 1900s to the present day, health tourism has continued to develop and changed under similar conditions and is becoming more vibrant and active every year.

Health Tourism And The Place Of Health Tourism In Turkey

Turkey is a country with a high capacity to meet both the treatment and holiday expectations of tourists. At the same time, health tourism has an effect that will increase the revival of tourism and foreign exchange gains all year round due to the lack of periodic service.

As a result of the investments made in our country in recent years, it has been observed that health tourism has gained great momentum and this increase will continue.

Our country has become one of the favorite centers of the tourists especially from dentistry subjects.Our country is one of the preferred countries for many different treatments, from smile design to braces such as Hollywood Smile In this respect, both the quality of the processes and the affordability have a significant effect on this. 

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