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Hollywood Smile is the most preferred aesthetic dentistry practice not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world. Hollywood Smilehas become a trend especially in Arab patients visiting Turkey for hair transplantation. Along with hair transplantation and body aesthetics, they also add the Hollywood Smile process to make their smiles flawless and attractive.

 In many other countries, this process is getting a lot of attention and its popularity is growing. Therefore, if you have points in your smile that you want to change, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth or face, if you have problems such as breaking your teeth, I recommend you to take advantage of this trend. In a short time, with the help of specialist doctors in the field, you can get rid of your problems and have a great smile. 

What Is Hollywood Smile?

It is an indispensable part of Cosmetic Dentistry.   Hollywood Smile, also known as smile aesthetics, is applied to create a more interesting, clean and healthy look in the mouths. Thanks to the fact that it is applied by using many dental aesthetic techniques and materials and is increasingly popular, people are now starting to prefer the word Hollywood Smile instead of dental aesthetics.

Why Do We Need Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

In our daily life, we consume nutrients with many different characteristics. Nearly all of the nutrients we consume cause different damage to our teeth. Some of them cause deterioration in the color of the tooth, while others cause deterioration in the structure of the tooth, by causing conditions such as decay. All of these results are aimed at our smiles. In this case, even if oral care is carried out regularly, unfortunately, the care is not enough. Patients often consult with aesthetic dentistry treatments due to their discomfort with this inadequacy.

What Are The Factors That Determine Dental Aesthetics?

In order for dental aesthetics to be effective, many parameters must be provided. One of the most important factors is the process of sizing the teeth according to a certain ratio.  There should be no gaps between the teeth. Gingivas should be symmetrical and healthy. During the smile, the teeth should appear at the optimum level.

How To Apply Hollywood Smile?

The materials used in the application of Hollywood Smile are porcelain or composite laminated. Aesthetic tooth appearance is gained with smile design.

For patients who decide on the type of material to be used, the following stages are followed:

  • The structure of the tooth and jaw is determined and measurements are taken.
  • The ideal tooth form is modeled and created by means of a computer.
  • These models are prepared by 3D printers and expert laboratory technicians.
  • The tooth crowns prepared and approved by the patient are placed by specialist dentists in a single session and the procedure is completed.

Is Hollywood Smile A Personal Procedure?

The smile aesthetic procedures are designed for the person. The biggest reason for this is that it is a procedure that is done taking into account the facial features and face ratios of the person. The best design is applied by considering many details from the gums of the person to the lip color and the procedure is applied in line with this design.

What Problems Does Hollywood Smile Solve?

In addition to improving the appearance, smile design procedures also provide solutions to some health problems. The most important of these problems is the deformation of the teeth. Deformed teeth get a healthy look after Hollywood Smile. It is also used as a great solution for misaligned teeth. The shape and structure disorders in the teeth are completely eliminated.

In addition to the significant changes in tooth color, gums also play an important role in improving their health.

At the same time, with this treatment, broken or cracked teeth are repaired and in addition, missing teeth are completed. In addition to the problems we mentioned, Hollywood Smile also provides solutions to many other problems. For these reasons, it has become a necessity.

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