What is Occlusion?

Occlusion is a condition where the upper and lower teeth or the jaw do not merge correctly. This issue can cause a number of ossicular pain and diseases in your daily life. Orthodontic treatments are applied in mixed dentition in order to prevent or reduce jaw anomalies in children during teething. In addition, the development of occlusion can be guided by early tooth extraction. Thus, the need for orthodontic-surgical interventions that the patient will need in future ages will be reduced.

Treatment Summary

Attention: Each person is unique. Duration, planning and the result of the treatment can be different for everyone. The information given in the table are basic and average and it doesn't represent fully accurate information for medical or scientific reliance.

Number Of Sessions 1
Duration Of Operation 30 Minutes
Anesthesia Local
Duration Of Sensitivity -
Returning to work time Instantly
Full recovery Instantly
Persistence of results Continuous
Duration of hospital stay None

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