The products we consume in daily life such as coffee, tea and cigarettes change the color of our teeth. Sometimes, no matter how much you brush your teeth, this discoloration can be observed because of different systemic diseases. Because of this color change, many people are not happy with their smile and this may adversely affect their daily lives. Thanks to the teeth whitening procedure, people can have peace with their smiles. The key to a healthy and happy smile is through glittering smiles. It is one of the most performed procedures among our dental services.

There are many different methods for teeth whitening. Our first priority is to determine and apply the most appropriate method to our patients.

With the help of our UV ray technology, the gel applied on the teeth without damaging your teeth is activated with the help of rays and your teeth have a white appearance in one session. Or, with bleaching molds, we can achieve the same result for up to 15 days while sitting comfortably at home.


  • At-home whitening method,
  • In-Office whitening method (at the clinic),
  • Whitening for one tooth,
  • Combined tooth whitening (both at home and in clinical setting),
  • Biological whitening (at the clinic),


Various whitening gels available in our clinic are supplied to our patient. You will have healthy white teeth by regularly applying the products at home with the advice and instructions of our doctors.


This method is applied in several sessions with various whitening gels, UV rays or lasers performed by our doctors in our clinic and your teeth get a white appearance in reliable hands. At the end of the procedure, if it is approved by our dentists, it can be continued at home. It is a recommended method for patients who cannot allocate time for treatment at home. The application time is shorter than other methods and has the same effect.


Occasionally, all of our teeth may look like they are discolored, while one or more discolorations may occur. In such cases, whitening is applied for a single tooth.


It is a combination of both in-office and at-home whitening. After the procedure in the clinic, it is followed by the procedure to be applied at home for 2-3 times.


It is the process of repairing damaged tooth enamel while whitening your teeth. This minimizes the risk of sensitivity during the whitening process. While the tooth enamel being whitened, thanks to the gel content of the “nano-hydroxyapatite” called tooth enamel crystals, they reinforce the teeth with healthy tissues at the same time. Thus, invisible cracks and pores on the surface of the tooth are closed and tooth sensitivity is eliminated.

If your teeth are close to white and only the tone changes are seen, at-home whitening is applied. For intense stains and excessive color changes caused by cigarette, tea, coffee products, in-office whitening method is performed in our clinic, if the color change is seen only in one tooth, one tooth whitening method is applied. Combined whitening method is applied when tooth surface is very stained and dirty. If your teeth are sensitive, biological whitening is applied.

This period may vary depending on your usage of harmful products. On average use, the whiteness effect is reduced within 6 to 12 months. To keep your teeth white, it is important that you visit our clinic once every 12-18 months and repeat the procedure and have your care done.

Procedure times vary according to the methods.
In-office whitening method: within 1-2 hours
At-home whitening: between 4-6 hours per day in 10-15 days
Combined whitening: After the clinical procedure is completed, the procedure continues for 2-3 days at home.

After all the whitening procedures, our doctors strongly advise that especially the first two weeks, coffee, tea, colored wine; acidic liquids such as cola, fanta and tobacco products should be avoided. If not obeyed, the effect of the whitening process may be reduced.

Some sensitive teeth may be sensitive to the “hydrogen-peroxide” substance contained in the whitening gel. In such cases, the tooth tissue is repaired and whitening process is followed by biological whitening method.

Treatment Summary

Attention: Each person is unique. Duration, planning and the result of the treatment can be different for everyone. The information given in the table are basic and average and it doesn't represent fully accurate information for medical or scientific reliance.

Number Of Sessions 1
Duration Of Operation 1 Hours
Anesthesia Local
Duration Of Sensitivity 15- 30 Days
Returning to work time Instantly
Full recovery Instantly
Persistence of results 1 Years
Duration of hospital stay None

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