Today, thanks to the latest techniques developed in dentistry, some substances that are 100% similar to tooth enamel can now be used. Zirconium is one of those materials which are very transparent and also very strong without the support of the metal. Since this Zirconium veneer is easily accepted by the gingiva, it can be used without foreign reaction.

There is no difference in the appearance of a natural healthy tooth. In practice it is no different from the normal veneer. It may require a slightly more delicate care than a normal veneer, and as it can be properly attached to the tooth, the actual tooth is less likely to decay, nor does it smell.


Zirconium element is among the preferred metal elements due to its durability in different sectors. It is irreplaceable in various products and applications of many sectors in 229 years from its discovery to the present. It is possible to find traces of its alloys and compounds. As a compound of zirconium, zirconia is the raw material of important products, especially dentistry. Let’s talk a bit about the advantages of zirconium with minerals and compounds such as zircon and zirconia.


Zirconium veneer is a good alternative to other dental veneers. It has significant differences and advantages over other veneers. Let’s take a look at these advantages.

  • It does not contain metal.
  • It does not change the taste and does not smell.
  • Thanks to the zircon alloy it contains, it is compatible with your gingivas compared to other metal alloy materials.
  • It prevents purple stains on gingivas and gingival recession and does not show foreign reaction.


As with metal-backed veneers, the tooth will be slightly shrank. When the gingiva becomes healthy, precise measure is taken with dental impression materials and materials suitable for the mouth. In laboratory, zirconium substructure and porcelain superstructure are placed determined to the color of the tooth specially and made compatible with the tooth in the clinical environment. As a final process, it is permanently fixed to the tooth with special adhesives.

Now you can easily use it without distinguishing from your own teeth.
We recommend you to take a look at the frequently asked questions about our zirconium veneers. If you care about the use of healthy materials for your oral health, you can immediately apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our dentists.

It is used in cases where there are insufficient options such as teeth whitening during advanced tooth color changes, when orthodontic treatment is not preferred in discrete or less perpendicular, oriented teeth such as diastema, in cases where structural defect and material loss occurs, posterior group teeth require veneer and bridge.

It is not recommended to use in cases where the distance between the teeth is long and there may be breaks in the posterior areas.

The time varies according to oral health. Along with a patient with a healthy mouth, the procedure is performed within 1 week. A number of arrangements can be made until the patient and the dentist comes to an agreement.

No, this is not recommended. First of all, your dental and gingival diseases are detected and various treatments are applied, then the veneer process can be performed.

These possibilities are almost identical to the possibility of a healthy real tooth breaking and cracking. Cracking can very rarely be seen when reverse pressure and excessive force are applied. In such a case, it can be repaired in our clinic. The risk of falling may be in cases of decay of the healthy tooth and loss of substance*. In such a case, after the tooth has been treated, the veneer is re-applied.

Treatment Summary

Attention: Each person is unique. Duration, planning and the result of the treatment can be different for everyone. The information given in the table are basic and average and it doesn't represent fully accurate information for medical or scientific reliance.

Number Of Sessions 2
Duration Of Operation 30 Minutes
Anesthesia Local
Duration Of Sensitivity -
Returning to work time Instantly
Full recovery Instantly
Persistence of results Continuous
Duration of hospital stay -

& After