All On 4 Implants

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What is All On 4 Implants?

All on 4 Implants is a treatment method applied in patients who have lost all their teeth, where prostheses are fixed by inserting 4 implants into the upper and lower jaws on the same day. It has been used in dentistry for more than 10 years and is a scientifically proven procedure.

 Implanting normal teeth in these areas (N. Alveolaris Inferior and Maxillary Sinus) requires advanced surgical techniques, resulting in a 1-year treatment period and a high cost table. In all on 4 Impant technique, after one day of surgical operation, fixed prostheses are applied the next day and the patient obtains permanent dental prostheses.

What are the Advantages of All on 4 Implant Treatment?

  1. It is a quick treatment: With All on 4 Implant treatment, patients who do not have any teeth in their mouths can get their new teeth in one session. In this respect, it is also a suitable treatment method for patients living in different cities.
  2. Economical: Fewer implants are used. Long and angled implants can be placed on a more suitable bone with these properties. Thus, success can be provided by using only 4 implants and it is more economical.
  3. It is useful: Since it does not cover the palate of the patient, it is easy to get used to and easy to use. Maintenance and cleaning is much easier than conventional dental implants.
  4. No major surgical procedures are required: There is no need to apply bone grafts in All on 4 Implant treatment.  Advanced surgical procedures such as sinus elevation and bone addition are not required.
  5. It recovers quickly: It recovers in a much shorter time than the classic dental implant. Less pain occurs during the recovering process. This makes chewing and speech functions more comfortable in the process.
  6. Bone tissue is preserved: Due to toothlessness, further losses in bone tissue are prevented. In addition, since angled implants are placed behind the jawbone, anatomical structures are not damaged.

When is All on 4 Implant Used?

  1. It is an alternative method developed for patients with nausea reflexes that are not suitable for denture use and has replaced dentures today. Patients’ oral health can be protected for life by using sedentary prostheses fixed with implants instead of moving prostheses.
  2. It is used for tooth loss caused by the weakening of the tooth roots with age or due to decay formation.
  3. All on 4 Implant treatment is one of the alternatives that can be used in patients who are not suitable for conventional dental implant treatment because of a large loss of jaw bone tissue.

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How to Make All on 4 Implant Treatment?

In the treatment of All on 4 Implants, screws consisting of titanium and alloys used in classical implant application are used. In the treatment, a total of 4 implants are attached to the thickest part of the bone, 2 implants for the front part and 2 implants for the back of the jawbone. The implants in the front are placed at a 90 degree angle and the implants at the back are placed at a 45 degree angle in order to create maximum stability. After the placement of these 4 implants, bridges or crowns are added on top of the implants.

All on 4 Implants offer a much easier and problem-free treatment than the classic dental implant with both the application time and the healing process. The most important difference between them is the way they are positioned in the mouth. For a jaw with complete tooth loss, 8-10 implants are used in the classic implant method, while only 4 implants are sufficient in All on 4 Implant technique.

All on 4 Implant procedures are in two stages: surgical procedures and prosthesis procedures.

Treatment Stages:

  1. Comprehensive clinical and radiological examinations are applied primarily by our doctors to patients who apply for All on 4 Implant.
  2. After the measurements are carried out on computer-aided tomography, optimal planning is carried out for the patient.
  3. If there are teeth that need to be pulled before the therapy, implant treatment is performed after they are pulled.
  4. On the day of the treatment, 4 dental implants are placed in the patient as planned.
  5.  On the same day, temporary dental prostheses are fixed to dental implants.
  6. After a 3-month recovery process, permanent dental prostheses are installed in the patient. The design and use of these prostheses differ with full dental prostheses.

What should be Paid Attention after All on 4 Implant Treatment?

After treatment, the patient should use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly.

Especially in the recovery process of implants, it is of great importance not to delay the oral care and to brush the teeth at least twice a day. In addition to brushing, the use of antiseptic mouthwashes is also recommended.

Since temporary prostheses are inserted during the 3-month recovery period after implants are inserted, care should be taken when consuming hard food. It is a process in which you need to be fed in accordance with the diet set for you by your dentist. After the fusion of your dental implants and bone tissue, you can feed comfortably and in any way with your permanent prostheses.

In order to prevent damage to the implants during the healing process, the physician must be contacted in case of temporary prosthesis breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an All on 4 Implant cost?

As all dental services, the cost of All on 4 Implants varies from person to person and treatment plan. You can find out the average cost from our Treatment summary table below or our Price List page.

How long does All on 4 Implant treatment take?

If the patient’s jaw structure and health meet the exact requirements, it is completed within 2 to 4 days. Therefore, it does not require a very long and laborious treatment process.

Do I feel pain or ache when having An All on 4 Implant?

After all, since it is a surgical procedure, we cannot call it a completely painless and acheless procedure. However, this is minimized thanks to our specialist doctors. The only pain you will feel will be during the injection of anesthesia.

Treatment Summary

Attention: Each person is unique. Duration, planning and the result of the treatment can be different for everyone. The information given in the table are basic and average and it doesn’t represent fully accurate information for medical or scientific reliance.
Number Of Sessions2
Duration Of Operation1 Hours
Duration Of Sensitivity15- 30 Days

Full Recovery1 Week
Persistence Of ResultsContinuous
Price2000- 5000 $

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