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Video of Invisalign Braces ?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is a digital orthodontic treatment technology applied to correct the formation of teeth using transparent plaques that is made suitable for your teeth. With this treatment, it is possible to correct the crooked teeth without the use of braces. It is one of the most preferred orthodontic treatment methods as it is not a difficult to care for and bothering application in terms of oral use, such as braces.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment over Braces?

  1. It offers an aesthetic appearance: Braces, even if they are of beautiful colors, do not provide a natural appearance. The plaques used to help correct the crooked teeth are made of a transparent, custom-made thermoplastic material. That’s why people don’t notice them very much. Invisalign plaques are an orthodontic treatment method that always offers a more aesthetic appearance.
  2. It does not prevent from tooth cleaning: Traditional braces can be a problem when cleaning your teeth, especially when some food particles are left. When you need brushing and flossing, you can remove Invisalign plaques, clean the entire mouth and reattach it.
  3. It does not prevent you from eating: Eating with traditional braces in your mouth can be quite laborious. Food particles often stick to metal, so there are certain types of food that you can not eat when installing metal wires. Food that requires chewing and can stick to the wires is strictly prohibited. Hard or brittle food can also damage your braces and brackets. The removability of Invisalign plaques makes it much more useful. You just need to remove them while eating the so-called forbidden foods, clean your teeth, and then put the plaques back in place.
  4. It offers a comfortable treatment: Invisalign plaques apply a lighter pressure than braces, which makes Invisalign plaques much more comfortable than braces. Since invisalign plaques rub softly on your gums, there is no risk of your gums being cut. Therefore, it offers a more comfortable treatment.      

What are the Disadvantages of Invisalign Treatment?

  1. Molds can be lost or broken, which can lead to more money and time being spent on treatment.
  2. It can cause oral discomfort and pain.
  3.  Continuously removing invisaling plaques can interrupt the entire tooth correction process and make it less effective
  4. They have difficulty in grasping cylindrical or round small molar teeth without slipping. This means they can’t move them to make them more aligned.

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What Are The Methods Used In The Treatment Of Crooked Teeth?

Correction of distortions caused by incorrect positioning of teeth can be done by a dentist in various ways. However, the most preferred treatment methods today are braces and invisalign treatment.

Braces are the dental apparatus responsible for correcting crooked teeth. Proper alignment of disproportionately placed teeth is possible with braces. They are placed in order to arrange the appearance of the teeth to satisfy the patients. It is recommended for people with overcrowded teeth, misplaced teeth, irregular teeth, or any functionally good but esthetically unpleasant dental set.

After Smile 1
Before Smile 1

Dental braces work by taking advantage of the teeth’s ability to slide and move when there is a gap. To perform this task, it uses the pressure applied continuously to each tooth. As the teeth move, the bone changes shape as pressure is applied. The placement of teeth in the mouth is softer than you think.

When your teeth alignment problems are not so bad, you can opt for Invisalign over traditional braces.  However, if you have severely rotated teeth, you don’t have this type of option, especially when those teeth are small molars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign plaques are made at higher prices than normal braces. The comfort it provides during treatment compensate this cost. You can find out the average costs of all our services from our Price List page.

How often do the controls take place during the treatment process?

During the treatment, your check-ups will be in the form of a monthly check-up.

How long does a plaque last?

The use of plaques ranges from 7 to 10 days.

How should I maintain my plaques?

It will be enough to clean your plaques once in the morning and evening under warm water with the help of your toothbrush.

Can anyone get Invisalign treatment?

This treatment can be applied to people of all age groups who have completed bone development and have a medium diameter of their teeth.

Should a preparation be made before treatment?

Before treatment, all cavities in the teeth must be cleaned. At the same time, applying a similar cleaning for tartar is an important factor in the initiation of treatment.

Treatment Summary

Attention: Each person is unique. Duration, planning and the result of the treatment can be different for everyone. The information given in the table are basic and average and it doesn’t represent fully accurate information for medical or scientific reliance.
Number Of Sessions5
Duration Of Operation30 Minutes
Duration Of Sensitivity

Full RecoveryInstantly
Persistence Of ResultsContinuous
Price2000- 4000 $

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