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    What is a Dental Implant?

    Dental implants are artificial dental roots placed in the mouth to support dentures and bridge prostheses. For treatment, screws of various sizes and diameters made of titanium are used. Dental implant treatment is based on the installation of new teeth by creating a similar balance of strength with natural teeth in place of lost teeth.

    The main purpose of dental implant treatment is to create an aesthetic smile and to ensure the protection of the patient’s oral health through fixed and durable prostheses that do not move during chewing, biting and speech.

    Treatment Summary

    Operation Time

    2 Session

    Anesthesia Type

    Local Anesthesia

    Session Time

    1 Hour

    Recovery Time

    1 Week

    What are the Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment?


    It is long-lasting:

    High-quality implants can be used for a lifetime if routine daily maintenance is not interrupted.



    Since dental implants are made of titanium and its components, they do not create any allergic and toxic reactions to the body. The new generation of dental implants has no medical side effects.


    Natural and Esthetic:

    It provides a similar appearance to natural teeth aesthetically and is difficult to distinguish from natural teeth as a use. In this respect, dental implant treatment is applied if necessary for Hollywood Smile, which is one of the popular applications in dental aesthetics in recent years.


    Deformities do not occur:

    The slippage of the adjacent teeth into the missing tooth cavity and the distortions that may occur in these teeth are prevented.


    Prevents tooth loss:

    With the loss of a single tooth, the balance between the teeth is disrupted. This situation causes acceleration of tooth loss. Filling the cavity with dental implants as soon as possible creates a balanced force and prevents the loss of other teeth.


    Bone tissue is preserved:

    Bone loss over time in the cavity formed by the pulled teeth is prevented by the implant treatment method.


    Adjacent teeth are not eroded:

    The missing tooth can be completed without interfering with other healthy teeth. No treatment is applied to the surrounding teeth, no damage is done.


    Chewing quality increases:

    The ability of the surrounding teeth to maintain their function has great importance for the health of the whole chewing system. Thanks to dental implants, patients can eat as comfortably as before and perform the chewing function perfectly. After this treatment, you can consume all kinds of nutrients without any problem.

    Who Can Get a Dental Implant?

    Implant treatment is a procedure that can be applied to every patient except for a few exceptional cases. You can find out if dental implant treatment is suitable for you after extensive examinations by our doctors.

    In What Situations is Dental Implant Used?

    • The tooth, which is missing in single tooth losses due to decay, injury and periodontal diseases, can be renewed with implant treatment.
    • It is an ideal treatment method for cases where all the upper and lower teeth are missing. It is safely used in long toothless areas. For this purpose, dental implants can be applied in 1 day.
    • They are used in patients who are not suitable for removable prostheses and have gag reflexes. In case of complete toothlessness, it is possible thanks to the implants to fix moving prostheses that are difficult to use, especially for the lower jaw, which tend to come out of the mouth continuously.
    • In cosmetic dentistry, dental implant method is often used for smile design.

    Situations Where Dental Implants Cannot be Applied:

    • Implant treatment is not performed on individuals under the age of 18 who have not completed facial and jaw bone development.
    • Dental implant treatment cannot be applied to individuals who do not have enough bone tissue. Some individuals have more or less bone tissue genetically. Inflammations in the teeth and gingivas can also cause melting of surrounding bone tissues. In such cases, bone tissue is healed first and then dental implant treatment is performed.
    • Patients with a chronic systemic disorder should be careful.
    • Dental implants are inconvenient in patients who have recently undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. It is important for the doctor to have knowledge about the patient’s health history before implant treatment.

    Types of Dental Implant Treatments

    All on Four Dental Implant

    In Just One Day Implant

    How to Apply a Dental Implant?

    Two options are used for the placement of dental implants. In one-stage operation, the headgear is temporarily used after the implant is placed. In two-stage operation,after the dental implant is inserted, the top is covered with gingivas and then left to heal. The prosthetic head is then attached.

    In both methods, a temporary bridge is placed and the lower jaw is expected to heal for 3 months and the upper jaw for 6 months. In some cases, new teeth can also be installed immediately on top of dental implants. For this purposeAll on 4 Implant technique is applied.

    Dental Implant Stages


    Detailed examination is carried out by our specialist doctors. X-ray examinations are performed to check the suitability of your oral and jaw health for implant treatment.


    In case of loss or inadequacy in the jaw bone tissue, the desired density is created in terms of bone tissue by bone grafting method in the problematic area.


    If you are eligible for implant treatment, the areas where the implant will be applied by tomographic 3D imaging method are determined by your doctor.


    It is decided which implant will be suitable for your jaw structure.


    You will be informed in detail by your doctor about the approximate duration of the procedures, the points to be considered before and after the operation and the cost.


    If the doctor and the patient are available, the procedures can be started on the same day, otherwise an appointment is set to a later date.


    The area is numbed with local anesthesia before implant placement.


    Your dental implant is inserted after an easy operation and you may be asked to come for a check-up several times during the healing process.


    After the area is healed, measurement is performed for the prostheses to be added to the implant.


    Rehearsals are made and the treatment is terminated by attaching prostheses to the implants on the last appointment.


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    Is the Dental Implant Treatment Process Painful ?

    Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be treated before dental implant operation. During this operation, no pain is felt as the area becomes completely numb. If necessary, it can also be performed by applying general anesthesia to some patients.

     After the implant operation, a mild pain occurs during the day after the effect of local anesthesia has passed. However, this pain is normally met and is no different from the pain that occurs after a normal tooth extraction operation. Pain is easily eliminated with painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

    After the operation, a slight swelling and discoloration of the cheek area are expected. Within 24 hours, this swelling will decrease. Cold buffer application is recommended for the reduction of edema.

    Starting from now:

    Is it Possible for the Body to Reject the Implant?

    There is no scientific basis for the widespread belief that dental implants are rejected by the body in public. Similarly, it is known that titanium, which is used in the production of dental implants, does not have allergic results and does not cause any diseases.

    The success rate of dental implants is accepted as 98% and if an accurate treatment process is followed, no problem is experienced. 

    The reason for the failure of dental implant treatment is mostly that infection occurs in the implant area as a result of the patient not following the recommendations of the doctor. Other reasons for failure include incorrect treatment planning and unsuccessful surgical technique.

    It is important that oral care is not disrupted during the adaptation process of the implant and bone. In addition to regular tooth brushing, antiseptic mouthwashes are also recommended for oral care.

    Research has shown that in patients with excessive smoking, it is difficult to integrate the implant with the bone. In this context, the dropping possibility of the implant is 2-3 times higher in patients with high smoking.

    The process of bone adaptation of titanium component dental implants does not work like the process of harmonization of live organ transplantation. In implant treatment, reactions such as blood incompatibility and tissue incompatibility do not occur. Therefore, pre-procedure compliance tests are not required.

    Quick Answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much is the Cost of Dental Implants?

    The Price of Dental Implants varies a lot depending on the type and quality of the material, the way it is processed, the number and the orthodontic status of the individual. You can learn about the average cost in our treatment summary table below and the price list page. To determine the exact price, you can get information by making a preliminary status assessment with our doctors on Marmara Smile Dental Clinic social media accounts or whatsapp address.

    Does the veneer process damage the teeth?

    Dental veneers do not harm your natural teeth, which are at the bottom in terms of both the material used and the procedures performed.

    Do I feel pain during Hollywood Smile aesthetics?

    The only pain you will feel will be a slight ache of the needle during anesthesia. This is almost never felt thanks to our mild doctors.

    Who can get Hollywood Smile dental aesthetics?

    Almost anyone who does not have any gingival disease and oral diseases can have it done.

    How long do the veneers used in the Hollywood Smile process last?

    The quality veneer materials we use are guaranteed for life. The possibility of breaking, cracking and deforming the covered teeth is very rare. You can use it for a lifetime unless a huge pressure is applied to the teeth, such as hitting and impact.

    What are the advantages of gingival aesthetics?

    In short, it can be summarized as a magnificent image that complements your face and smile in terms of aesthetics, glorious white teeth, solid veneers and implants that you can use for life. In addition, annual oral care control of every patient who has Hollywood Smile in Marmara Smile Dental Clinic is free.

    Referances & Citation

    The information on this page is written for general information purposes. It should not be considered medical information. If you feel unwell and are concerned about your health, contact official health institutions.