What Does Wait For You In Marmara Smile?

Marmara Smile is a brand-new dental clinic that started to serve in Nişantaşı district of Istanbul in early 2014. We set out to present smiles and solid teeth in the glow of the white marbles extracted from the Marmara Sea.

We are an assertive brand in dental aesthetics. We work in cooperation with quality brands in technical equipment and materials and always follow the most up-to-date treatment methods.

Professional Dentistry

Patient Satisfaction

Technological Clinic

Our Vision

Marmara Smile Dental Clinic, together with our proven specialist dentists and staff who have adopted satisfaction as a duty, is moving rapidly towards becoming an international reliable value in dental aesthetics and dental health.

We are proud to be here for your fastest, most effective and satisfaction guaranteed smiles. It is our top priority to always follow the most up-to-date technologies and practices in the field of dental aesthetics and hair transplantation.

Health is no joking matter! Therefore, we use all our facilities to offer you a healthy and aesthetic smile with up-to-date treatments and the right operations.

Our Mission

More than 1800 patients in Turkey and around the world chose us for happy and healthy smiles. We have always been a pioneer in our field with our dental aesthetics and especially Hollywood Smile Dental Design Service.

Our biggest goal is you to have teeth in the Marmara Sea sparkle that makes you feel healthy and good by adding value to your appearance. Our top priority is to glorify your reputation and to arouse curiosity with a happy smile that you reflect around you.

 We will continue to welcome you with our latest technological dental health equipment and comfy facilities.

So why should I come to Turkey?

We know you’re asking yourself the question: “Why should I come to Turkey with all the expenses and fatigue when we have a dental aesthetics clinic near us?”  Many of our patients who left our clinic satisfied also had asked this question. They realized the answer to that question when they came.

The biggest reason for this is that Turkey is a very valuable country in terms of health tourism and thermal tourism and its costs are equally advantageous. Moreover, it is a bridge between Asia and Europe and a geography that has been home to many civilizations since the beginning of human history. Thanks to tourists from all over the world to see these beauties and cultural richness, health services have also improved well above international standards.

65,000 tourists who come every year for health tourism and dental health tourism must know something. The unique beauty and health care of this place heals them and we get good feedback from our patients that they have returned to their countries more efficiently and happily.

Why Should I Choose Marmara Smile Clinic?

1- The latest technological equipment and current dental aesthetic methods

We always like to be one step ahead. Therefore, you will be able to find all the comforts you need in our facilities and clinics. Our highly cost technological equipment is at your service for the most painless treatments.

2- Exclusive dental aesthetics and an artistic perspective.

Our clinic always takes care to do the work we do in dental aesthetics, hair aesthetics and other aesthetic methods as if we were creating a work of art, not as an ordinary work. Our dentists are very expert and well-trained in the field. Visually, the aesthetic aspects are also very strong and experienced, so we design the smile that suits you best.

3- Affordable prices

How can we make the world beautiful if the cost of beauty is high? We think that every patient should have a healthy and beautiful smile. That’s why we set our prices affordable, economical and quality.

While you can have an average dental aesthetic operation at world standards for $20,000 at least, you can reach an above average treatment with reasonable prices ranging from $4000-6000 at Marmara Smile Dental Clinic. Besides, it’s extra to experience a new country and its cultural richness.

Innovations That We Pioneer

It is undoubtedly true that the methods used in dental aesthetics have been classic for a long time. We have always developed many innovations to stand out from our competitors and become a unique clinic. Some of these innovations include;

Hollywood Smile Design Logo

Hollywood Smile – Smile Design Plus

Instead of a standard Hollywood Smile design, we’ve created Hollywood Smile Design Plus exclusively for you. The biggest difference is in classical methods; while it is done only with certain standards of aesthetic molds and average dental veneering materials, in Smile Design Plus, your mouth closure is designed based on the tooth size and formations and color that best suit the proportion of your face. Instead of standard veneers, durable, healthy and natural-looking materials such as Zirconium are used.

In Just One Day Implant Logo

Dental Implant in Only One Day

A normal dental implant service can sometimes take weeks. In our clinic, we reduced this period to 2 days. After the diagnosis and controls on the first day, dental implants consisting of durable and healthy materials are prepared for you. Then, in just one day, your implant will be implanted and you will regain your lost teeth.

Zirconium Crown Logo

Digital Smile Design

In smile design, every patient wants to be sure of the result. That’s why our artists and physicians design the smile that best suits you digitally, allowing you to see the result before treatment. In this way, you can safely continue your treatment by removing all question marks between the patient and the dentist.

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