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How long do the veneers used in the Hollywood Smile process last ?

The quality veneer materials we use are guaranteed for life. The possibility of breaking, cracking and deforming the covered teeth is very rare. You can use it for a lifetime unless a huge pressure is applied to the teeth, such as hitting and impact.

How long does it take to complete Cosmetic Dentistry ?

How long tooth Cosmetics will also last depends on the person and the operations. At Marmara Smile Dental Clinic, it is possible to have a beautiful smile in an average of 2- 3 sessions.

How much does a Hollywood Smile cost ?

As with all aesthetic dental services, the cost of Hollywood Smile also varies from person to person and according to the treatment plan. You can find out the average cost from our Treatment summary table below or our Price List page.

Who can get Hollywood Smile dental aesthetics ?

Almost anyone who does not have any gingival disease and oral diseases can have it done.

Does the veneer process damage the teeth ?

Dental veneers do not harm your natural teeth, which are at the bottom in terms of both the material used and the procedures performed.

Can I get Zirconium Crown when I have Dental and Gingival disease ?

No, that’s not recommended. First of all, after your dental and gingival diseases are detected and various treatments are done, Crowning is applied.

1. What are the advantages of Hollywood smile dental aesthetic?

In short, it can be summarized as a magnificent image that complements your face and smile in terms of aesthetics, glorious white teeth, solid veneers and implants that you can use for life. In addition, annual oral care control of every patient who has Hollywood Smile in Marmara Smile Dental Clinic is free.

2. Are there situations such as Falling, Breaking, Cracking in Zirconium Crown?

These possibilities are almost identical to the possibility of a healthy real tooth breaking and cracking. Cracks can very rarely occur when reverse pressure and excess force are applied. In such a case, it can be repaired and corrected in our clinic. The risk of falling may be in cases such as decay of the underlying healthy tooth and loss of substances. In such a case, after the tooth is treated, the Crown is re-glued.

3. What Should Be Careful About After Lumineer Veneers Treatment?

The use of porcelain consisting of extremely thin leaves in the treatment can create sensitivity during recovery. Although it is a durable and resistant material, it is necessary not to consume especially cold and very hot beverages after the operation.

All activities such as nail biting, cracking nuts with teeth that can damage your natural teeth can also shorten the life of your Lumineer Veneer. Lumineer Veneers, which are among the long-lasting veneers, can be used for longer time with double-check-ups per year. 

4. How should oral care be after crowning?

While decay does not develop on porcelain crowns and other dental crowns , you need to make sure your crowned teeth are properly cared for, including regular brushing and flossing. This care is the same as the care you apply to your normal teeth. If you do not apply proper dental hygiene, there may still be caries and tooth decay under porcelain or other type of crowns.

Especially if you regularly consume things like coffee and red wine, which tend to leave stains on natural teeth, you should remember that your crowns may be stained.

Teeth whitening products do not work in crowns, so if you want to whiten your crowned teeth, you will need to discuss this with your dentist and possibly replace or update your crown with white tooth caps.

5. How does the process work in Dental Tourism ?

In our health tourism packages, we first bring our patients to the country by plane. From the airport v.i.p. We bring it to the hotel with our vehicle and set it up. Then the treatment process begins. A professional translator accompanies you throughout this process. We provide a nightguard and waterflosser as a gift to protect your teeth during the healing process. Once all treatment is completed, our exit protocol begins.

Your 5-year warranty certificate, Straumann implant passport and other documents will be delivered to you. Your entire process is secured with health tourism insurance.

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