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    What is Teeth Whitening?

    Teeth whitening treatment is the process of removing the stains that have penetrated the enamel and dentin layers of the teeth for various reasons and whitening the teeth according to the previous tones. The color of the tooth is also personal, such as hair color and eye color. It is possible to open several tons in the natural tints of the teeth with this method. There are various methods such as At-home Whitening, In-Office Whitening, Combined Whitening, Biological Whitening, Whitening for one tooth. Depending on the time, budget and availability of the person, one of these methods are determined and you get a radiant smile in a maximum of 2 sessions.

    Teeth whitening treatment is often used in cosmetic dentistry.  It is the most frequently used treatment method of patients for an aesthetic and healthy-looking smile. With the developing technology, options are increasing in the field of dental aesthetics and new trends are emerging. Teeth whitening applications are also used for Hollywood Smile, which is one of the popular applications of recent years in smile aesthetics.

    Treatment Summary

    Operation Time

    1 Session

    Anesthesia Type


    Session Time

    1 Hour

    Recovery Time


    What are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening Procedure?


    Tooth stones are used to remove color changes that cannot be eliminated by cleaning or polishing application.


    It is possible to whiten a few tons of the teeth’ own tones.


    This can be applied instead of other methods like porcelain veneers for teeth.

    Why Does Color Change Occur in Teeth?

    For people who care about their personal care, color disorders, stains and yellowing in the teeth are quite bothering. Although people regularly carry out  their oral care routine, in some cases undesirable color changes may occur in the teeth. This situation gives the impression that people do not care about oral hygiene and causes negativity in terms of image.

    Why Does Color Change Occur in Teeth?

    • Structural disorders that occur during the formation of teeth
    • Yellowing due to fluorine intake
    • Amalgam filling applications
    • Trauma-induced tooth stains
    • Color changes emitted from the inside of the teeth after root canal treatment
    • Use of antibiotics during pregnancy or infancy
    • Excessive consumption of colorful beverages such as coffee, cola, tea, wine
    • Yellowing due to long-term use of tobacco and tobacco products
    • Color changes due to aging
    • Genetic factors

    There are Two Types of Color Changes That Occur Over Time in the Teeth;

    The change which is referred to as coloration is the color changes and stains that penetrate into the teeth, which cannot be removed despite brushing. Color changes caused by structural disorders occurring during the formation phase of teeth, drug use and color changes due to fluorine intake are also evaluated within this class.

    External coloration is color changes occurring on the tooth surface due to excessive consumption of coffee, cola and cigarette-like foods.

    Different color changes and staining may require different treatment procedures. In this context, the needed treatment is decided after the examination to be carried out by our physicians in the expertise of Marmara Smile Dental Clinic.

    If you want to be remembered and be held up as an example with your smile, you can immediately apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our dentists.


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    What are the Types of Teeth Whitening?

    There are 5 types of teeth whitening methods according to the way they are applied, which method is decided by the dentist and the patient and in some cases more than one treatment can be used together.

    In-Office Type Teeth Whitening

    It is carried out professionally in a clinical setting under the supervision of a doctor. It is the most effective method of all whitening methods. The higher peroxide ratios of the whitening materials used during the operation make whitening faster. Its permanence is longer. Treatment can last 2-3 sessions, the number of sessions varies depending on the color change in the tooth.

    At-Home Teeth Whitening

    Color determination is made by the doctor and then transparent plaques are designed that adapt to the teeth by taking dental measurements from the patient.In this treatment, whitening agents containing a lower percentage of carbamide peroxide are used.Transparent plaque designed with tubes containing whitening gel is given to the patient and the patient is informed about how to perform the application. According to the recommendations of the doctor, the procedure is applied 2 times a day for 2 weeks or only for a week or two while sleeping at night.Thanks to the weekly check-ups, the course of the treatment is monitored and changes are made when necessary.

    Combined Teeth Whitening

    In-Office type and At-Home tooth whitening methods are used together. These two methods are tried to achieve a better result by supporting each other. Patients who have been treated with office-type teeth whitening treatment are advised to support the whitening process with home-style teeth whitening after treatment.

    Single Tooth Whitening

    It is a whitening method that is less likely to create sensitivity in this context, which also repairs tooth enamel while whitening teeth. The whitening gel used in this method provides tissue supplements at the same time thanks to the tooth crystals called ‘nano-hydroxyapatite’. These crystals permanently remove pores, distortions and microcracks on the tooth surface. The only difference for the biological teeth whitening method, which has no difference as an application technique, is the content of the gel used.

    How to Make Clinical and Physician Preference?

    Since the subject of dental aesthetics is not an issue independent of oral and dental health, the doctor and health center you choose is very important. To determine these, you can check out the galleries that show the results of the health center’s previous work. You can review the comments and evaluations made to measure the satisfaction of the patients.

    Turkey will be the right choice as a location as it is of very high quality, economical and efficient in terms of health tourism.  Marmara Smile has always been at your service as a dental health center that has proven itself in dental aesthetics in Turkey for many years.

    If you want to be remembered and be held up as an example with your smile, you can immediately apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our dentists.

    Can Teeth Whitening be Applied to Everyone?

    Any type of tooth that may be an obstacle to the procedure, every individual who does not have gingival disease is suitable for teeth whitening treatment. You should be examined by your dentist before treatment. In case of caries and gingival disorders, teeth whitening can be applied after other treatments recommended by the doctor are performed.

    Situations Whitening Cannot be Applied:

    • Teeth with large pulp
    • Over-worn teeth
    • Teeth with porcelain veneer
    • Teeth whitening is also not applied to pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding.
    Starting from now:

    Quick Answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

    The Cost of Teeth Whitening in Our Clinic is Given as an Average in Our Treatment Summary Table Below. You can also find out the costs of all our other services from our Price List page.

    Is Teeth Whitening Treatment Permanent?

    The permanence of whiteness gained as a result of teeth whitening application may disappear over time. This permanence may be shortened due to excessive consumption of coffee, tea, easy, wine-like colored beverages and tobacco use. Although its permanence varies between 6-12 months, repeating one or two sessions with periods of 4-6 months ensures that teeth whitening is permanent.

    Gingival Aesthetics
     are also recommended if necessary for patients undergoing teeth whitening treatment and color disorders in the gingivas can be eliminated in this way.

    Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

    Some sensitivity may occur in the teeth after the procedure, but this is expected and passes within a day or two. In the post-application period, the consumption of tea, coffee, wine-like beverages should be avoided and tobacco use should be reduced for the following few weeks.

    Referances & Citation

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