Price list of our dental services

Prices of dental aesthetics  are one of the biggest sources of questioning of patients who is interested on this subject. Marmara Smile in the name of transparency, does not shy away from informing its patients about its average price policies. How can we make the world more beautiful if the cost of beauty is too high? We believe that every patient should have a healthy and beautiful smile. Therefore, when determining our prices, we aim to provide the most accessible and economical service, while not compromising on quality. You can find the average prices and costs of Hollywood Smile, Dental Veneers and all our other services in the table below.  You are at the right place, if what you are looking for is the most suitable, affordable and highest quality dental aesthetic services.  Marmara Smile Dental Clinic follows the best price policy in the market without sacrificing quality and without burdening its patients with heavy dental aesthetic costs.

Attention: Every individual is unique. Therefore, the cost of all our services varies according to the treatment plan, the quantity and quality of the materials used and the health status of the person. In order to tell you the exact price, our specialist doctors will contact you as soon as possible to make a preliminary assessment.

All Services Single Unit
(Single Tooth)
Smile Area
(20 Teeth)
Full Mouth
(28 Teeth)
Hollywood Smile Design150$3000$4200$
Zirkonium Crown150$3000$4200$
Lumineers Veneers150$3000$
Porcelain Dental Crowns75$2100$
E-MAX Veneers150$3000$
Gingival Aesthetics500$1000$
Inlay/ Onlay Restoration 150~ 250$
Dental Implants400~ 1000$
In Just 1 Day Implant500~ 1000$
All on four Implant2000~ 5000$
Fiber Post Treatment20$
Root- Canal Treatment50~ 100$
Dental Scaling50$
Teeth Whitening200$
Dijital Smile Design

How can I find out the most suitable treatment plan for me and its exact amount?

  1. Contact us through our communication channels to learn the most suitable dental aesthetics and treatment plan for you.
  2. Take a picture from the top, bottom and straight angles while your mouth is open so that all your teeth are visible, as it is shown in the image below. Finally, take a front photo while your teeth are shut.
  3. Describe us your situation by writing a short mail and sending the photos you have taken through communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or to our e-mail address
  4. Our doctors will help you by contacting you as soon as possible.

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