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Zirconium Crown

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    What is Zirconium Crown?

    Zirconium Crowns, which offer a natural and aesthetic smile, are one of the important applications of cosmetic dentistry. Zirconium, classified as a member of the titanium family, is processed in special furnaces and made into zirconia ceramics and used in cosmetic dentistry. It is a natural material that is tissue-compatible, does not cause allergic reactions, is highly durable, provides color integrity, eliminates hot-cold sensitivity.

    It is included in the group of metal-free Crowns. Since it has high light transmittance, it looks natural and does not create a shadowy appearance like metal crowns. One of the popular applications of cosmetic dentistry in recent years, Hollywood smile is one of the materials frequently used in smile design.  

    Treatment Summary

    Operation Time

    30 Minutes

    Anesthesia Type

    Local Anesthesia

    Session Time

    1 Hour

    Recovery Time


    What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crowns?


    It is durable and long-lasting:

    A well-made Zirconium Crown will be no different from a healthy natural tooth. It is highly resistant to abrasions.


    It does not contain metal

    Patients with metal allergies can easily use Zirconium Crowns and, like other metal-containing Crowns, the taste of metal is not felt in the mouth


    It doesn’t stain and go yellowing

    Zirconium Crowns, which are quite durable compared to other Crowns, do not require a special maintenance routine. As a result of regular practice of your daily oral care, you can use it in a healthy way for life.


    Less abraded tooth

    In the treatment of crown with zirconium, the tooth is less eroded than other Crowning methods. At the same time, even very sensitive and attention-demanding dental problems can be easily treated with zirconium treatment.


    High Light Transmittance

    Zirconium Crowns have greater light transmittance than metal-assisted Crowns, which makes the tooth Crown look more natural. Black lines and darkening around the gums seen in metal-supported Crowns are not encountered in Zirconium Crowns.


    Plaque formation is not observed

    It's surface is completely smooth and sheltered. Zirconium Crown, which is compatible with gums, is also reliably applied in patients prone to gingival disorders.


    Its heat sensitivity is low

    Since the temperature conductivity is low, the hot and cold sensitivity commonly encountered in other crowns is not seen in Zirconium Crowns. There is no feeling of discomfort when consuming iced drinks or drinking a hot soup.

    When is Zirconium Crown Used?

    • Zirconium Crown, which is preferred for both aesthetics and health, is frequently preferred for the purpose of personalized smile design in Hollywood smile application, which is one of today’s trends.
    • In cases where teeth whitening processes are inadequate, it is preferred to eliminate discoloration and staining of the teeth. Thanks to its light transmittance, it provides a natural and white appearance for many years.
    • As an alternative to orthodontic treatment, it is preferred to eliminate disproportion and deformities in the teeth. (For this procedure, the distance between the teeth should not be too long.)
    • They are used to cover a tooth with root canal treatment, if the loss of substance is excessive.
    • Zirconium Crown is also preferred because of its robustness to keep the tooth bridge stable.

    If you want to be remembered and be held up as an example with your smile, you can immediately apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our dentists.

    How is Zirconium Crown Made?

    First of all, injections are made to certain points with local anesthesia. In this way, with the experience of our specialist doctors, you will not feel any pain during the entire Hollywood Smile process. Some procedures do not even require anesthesia.

    If porcelain veneer is to be used in the second stage, firstly, the tooth enamel and surface are cleaned, then a small layer of 0.5 – 0.6 mm is taken from the first layer and the front surface of the tooth. Then, veneers prepared for you are placed and attached to your teeth very firmly with adhesive material that interacts with the help of ultraviolet rays.

    Stages of Treatment:


    The teeth are slightly reduced.


    Measurements are taken from the teeth.


    Models are created in the laboratory from the measurements taken. Color and size adjustments are made.


    Zirconium is created and porcelain is prepared.


    The Crown, which is harmonized for the tooth, is integrated with the tooth using special adhesives.

    What is the Difference Between Zirconium Crowns and Other Crowns?

    Cosmetic dentistry is developing day by day and the methods used in line with the demands of the patients vary. There are more than one method preferred by patients in smile design. Although Zirconium Crowns are the most popular application, Lumineer Veneers  , E-Max Veneers and Porcelain Crowns are also requested by patients.

    Porcelain Laminate Veneer VS Zirconium Crown

    Lumineer Veneers are thinner than Zirconium Crowns and often do not require aversation operation. No pain is felt during the application and no needles are used. Crowns can be easily removed according to the patient’s request. Zirconium Crowns cut the teeth to make them smaller, while Laminated Porcelain Crowns do not require this.

    Emax Crowns VS Zirconium Crowns

    Since the E-max Veneer is not as durable as Zirconium Crowns, it is mainly used for aesthetic purposes in front teeth. Being less resistant to stresses such as chewing and teeth tightening is an obstacle to its use in the back teeth. Although E-max Veneer is preferable given its greater light transmittance and more natural appearance, Zirconium Crowns are more successful in meeting patients’ expectations in terms of longevity and comfort. Both Crowning methods have many advantages and disadvantages. While E-max Veneers are preferred in terms of aesthetics, Zirconium Crowns is preferred by physicians in terms of health.

    Porcelain Crown VS Zirconium Crown

    Metal-assisted Crown process is performed in porcelain Crown process. Lack of light transmittance causes it to move away from natural tooth color. Porcelain Crown can cause gingival recession and causes purple color to form around the gingivas over time.


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    What Should be Careful About While Zirconium Crowns?

    The quality of the method and material used in the treatment of zirconium Crown is of great importance in order to get healthy results. Zirconium Crown is as comfortable and long-lasting as healthy natural teeth when applied correctly by experienced doctors. Marmara Smile determines appropriate treatment methods in line with the demands of patients with its experienced and expert doctors and applies the most appropriate treatment in a way that prioritizes patient health.

    One of the main concerns of patients about tooth crowning is to encounter an artificial appearance and tooth sensitivities that may occur after Crown. However, its biocompatibility, longevity, harmony with natural teeth in terms of color and function Zirconium Crowns eliminate these concerns.

    Zirconium Crown application during pregnancy can be performed with the approval of the obstetrician. With the approval of the doctor, patients can have Zirconium Crown between the 3rd and 6th months of pregnancy. 

    Starting from now:

    Quick Answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Cost of Zirconium Crown?

    The cost of zirconium crowns is high compared to other Crowns, but this is a cost that should not be avoided considering the long-term comfort and patient expectations it provides. As a result of the correct application of the crowns , its life is as long as the root life of the tooth. You can find out the average costs of all our services from our Price List page.

    Can I Get Zirconium Crown When I Have Dental and Gingival Disease?

    No, that’s not recommended. First of all, after your dental and gingival diseases are detected and varioustreatments are done, Crowning is applied.

    Are There Situations Such as Falling, Breaking, Cracking in Zirconium Crown?

    These possibilities are almost identical to the possibility of a healthy real tooth breaking and cracking. Cracks can very rarely occur when reverse pressure and excess force are applied. In such a case, it can be repaired and corrected in our clinic.

    The risk of falling may be in cases such as decay of the underlying healthy tooth and loss of substances. In such a case, after the tooth is treated, the Crown is re-glued.

    Referances & Citation

    The information on this page is written for general information purposes. It should not be considered medical information. If you feel unwell and are concerned about your health, contact official health institutions.