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    What is Pink Aesthetic ?

    Gum Aesthetic is a treatment method called pink aesthetics that ensures that the recessions, color changes and asymmetry in the gingivals are eliminated and the teeth and gingivals are brought to the standards they should be. Today, various methods are applied in the treatment of gingival disorders that negatively affect social life. With this application, while the gingivals that appear too much while laughing are recovered, sometimes the gingivals may need to be made smaller.

    Treatment Summary

    Operation Time

    1 Session

    Anesthesia Type

    Local Anesthesia

    Session Time

    45 Minute

    Recovery Time

    1 Day

    What are the Advantages of Gum Aesthetics?

    Gingival aesthetics also prevent gingival disorders. These diseases affect the tissue called periodonsium, which surrounds the teeth. If the treatment of gingival diseases is not carried out, it progresses and can cause bone tissue collapses and tooth loss. While it is possible to treat gingival diseases called gingivitis, it is not always possible to recover the tissue in cases where it causes loss of bone tissue. Prevention of these diseases is possible with gingival aesthetics applications other than regular care and controls.


    Easy to apply:

    Gingivals that look too much when laughing or talking lead to an undesirable appearance. This condition, which is of great importance for Hollywood Smile, which is one of the popular applications of recent years, can be solved by using laser in a single session with gingival aesthetics treatment.


    It supports the protection of oral health:

    The formation of dental inflammation is prevented, gingival recessions, bleeding in the gums, bad odor and mouth sores are also prevented with gingival aesthetics.


    It eliminates gingival sensitivity:

    Since the gingivals are become healthier, the sensitivity of eating is also eliminated.


    It provides an aesthetic appearance:

    In cases where the teeth appear too long or in cases where the teeth are too seperated, the teeth can be restored to the appearance they should be in this way. In Aesthetic Dentistry, teeth are reduced to the level they should be with gingival aesthetics, color changes in the gingivals are eliminated and a symmetrical and healthy smile is created.

    When is Pink Aesthetics Applied ?


    Gingival aesthetics can be applied if the gingivals look excessive when smiling. This condition is called Gummy Smile. When designing personal smiles, these excesses in the gingivals are determined. Redundancy areas are brought to the level that should be painlessly without bleeding by using lasers or cauteries. The use of lasers for this application both reduces the recovery process and prevents the formation of bleeding as a result of the surgical operation.


    One of the most common disorders in the gingivals is swelling and bruises caused by gingival inflammation. After the gingival aesthetics treatment applied for this condition, regular carrying out of personal oral care and emphasis on oral hygiene are effective in solving the problem. Laser-assisted treatment reduces the possibility of recovery and recurrence of the problem. After mechanical cleaning of the gingivals, the areas called pockets where bacterial accumulations are high are cleaned with the help of lasers.


    Recessions may occur in the gingivals as a result of inflammation or as a result of aging. One of the biggest problems caused by this condition is the black cavities it creates between the teeth. Teeth due to recession appear longer than they should and create an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. Gingivals are added to the patients and gaps are closed with gingival aesthetics.


    Due to genetic factors, gingivals appear dark in some patients due to melanin pigment effect, not light pink. This condition can be eliminated in as little as 15 minutes with gingival aesthetics.

    How to be Applied Gum Aesthetics?

    The treatment method to be applied for gingival aesthetics varies according to the complaints that exist in the gingivals. After the comprehensive examination to be carried out by our specialist physicians, the treatment plan is determined and the patient is informed to ensure that the gingivals have the appearance they should be.

    The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and improvements are made to the gingivals without any pain of the patient. The treatment can be performed in as little as 15 minutes by using laser.


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    How to Have an Asthetic Smile?

    It is not enough to have only white and aesthetic teeth in order to have a healthy and aesthetic smile. This means that an aesthetic smile cannot be achieved only by teeth whitening.  In addition to the fact that the teeth are properly aligned and healthy, the harmony with the gingivals also becomes important for a beautiful smile.

    The healthiness, color and length of the gingivals complement the dental aesthetics and are of great importance for an eye-catching smile.For each tooth, there is a limit to the level at which the gingivals are located. If this limit is spoiled, so does the oral aesthetics.

     A healthy gingival is light pink, firmly attached to the teeth and bone, and has a bright and rough appearance. Asymmetrical gingival edges cause the teeth to appear uneven and the smile line to be crooked. In such cases, it is possible to have an aesthetic smile with gingival aesthetics.

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    Quick Answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does Gingival Aesthetics Cost?

    The cost of Gingival aesthetics varies according to the treatment procedure of the person. If there is no gingival disease, the average cost is indicated in the Treatment Summary table below. You can visit our Price List page to get information about the cost of all our treatment services.

    How Long Does It Take to Recover Gingivals?

    Since the treatment is mostly applied by laser, the healing process is faster since there is no bleeding. The gingivals fully heal within 2 weeks.

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