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What is Health Tourism ?

People from all over the world travel to different countries for certain time intervals for treatment purposes. The nutrition, accommodation, recreation and entertainment requirements of the countries where people visit during these trips have given birth to a type of tourism that is now called health tourism.

The aim of health tourism is to provide the comfort of patients and their relatives and to provide medical facilities.

Private health institutions play an important role in health tourism. Private health institutions provide 91% of health tourism services, while 9% are provided by public hospitals. Oral and dental health treatments constitute one of the sectors that receive the most demand in health tourism.  When health tourism data are examined in the world, it is seen that dental tourism constitutes 25% of health tourism.

Cosmetic Dentistry And Its Tourism In Turkey

Our country has reached a level that can compete with other developed countries with the advances in health services in our country in recent years, This situation has made tourists from all over the world prefer Turkey to benefit from our health services.

Turkey is a country that hosts and heals patients from foreign countries, not sending patients abroad.

As stated in the Medical Tourism Evaluation Report, Turkey hosts more than 300,000 foreign patients every year. In recent years, Turkey has successfully offered cosmetic dentistry and dental implant applications especially for patients from France, Belgium, Germany, England, the Netherlands and Arab countries.

Why Is Turkey Preferred?

  1. The devices used in cosmetic dentistry treatments in Turkey have the same quality as medical devices used in European countries. Ce or FDA approved medical devices are used in Turkey that are internationally accepted.
  2. Dental treatment services used in our country have the same quality and standards as European countries, however, these services can be obtained in our country on a more reasonable budget. According to the researches, dental treatment prices in our country are 50% lower than their counterparts abroad. This big difference in prices allows foreign insurance institutions abroad to recommend Turkey for treatment.

  1. The tourists who choose Turkey for their treatment do not have to wait for weeks to get an appointment and the shortness of the process makes their travel planning easier and makes our country a practical option.
  2. The high transportation options to come to Turkey and the low transportation fees are among the advantages of our country in health tourism.
  3. Tourists have the opportunity to see and visit the beauties of the country during their dental treatment with dental tourism.  Turkey, with its historical and natural beauties to visit, is a good option to take a holiday besides receiving health services as a country with rich cultural heritage.
  4. The success of Turkish dentists in their fields constitutes one of the most important advantages. Many foreign patients choose Turkey in line with these suggestions by hearing about the treatments that people in their immediate surroundings have done in our country and got satisfied.
  5. The devices and materials used in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey are branded. Patients can continue their treatment in their own countries with material reports.

What Treatments Are Preferred In Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries especially preferred by tourists for Hollywood Smile Design, which is one of the popular dental aesthetics of recent years.

The most preferred services in the field of dental tourism in our country are listed below:

Hollywood Smile Design Plus

It is a service that aims to determine the most suitable smile for you and to make your teeth look natural and aesthetic with the most suitable materials and methods.

In Just 1 Day Implant

Thanks to our solid dental implants, which are produced from completely healthy and tissue-compatible materials, we prevent your tooth loss and bring you back together with the teeth you lost.

Zirconium, E-Max, Lumineers Veneers

With these veneer techniques, which we frequently use in smile design service, you will have bright, healthy and natural teeth.

Dental spa

The biggest condition for being healthy is to purify your mind and body. After your treatment, enjoy your whole trip by relaxing at the spa centers in our country.

Cosmetic Dentistry Fillings

After dental filling treatment, the filling materials in the treated area are so unique and durable that they cannot be distinguished from your natural tooth.

Teeth Whitening Applications

With our various teeth whitening techniques, we offer you many options. As long as you take good care of your teeth, there will be no color change before 1 year.

How Does The Process Work In Dental Tourism?

The most curious question for patients is how does the dental tourism process work?  How this process will work and how to determine the right treatment method is an issue that patients are curious about and is also important for travel planning.

This process, with the exception of some exceptional circumstances, takes place as follows:

  1. The patient digitally sends the examinations, X-ray images and information about the treatment he / she had done in his / her own country to the health institution he/she has chosen.
  2. The doctor reviews the sent examinations and health information and plans a treatment.
  3. The patient who applies for treatment in the field of cosmetic dentistry is informed about the planned treatment, duration of treatment and total cost.
  4. If the patient accepts the planned treatment, an appointment is arranged and the patient makes a travel plan accordingly.

In this context, treatment times vary according to existing dental problems, some last a few days, while others can take several weeks.

Dental prostheses take the first place among the treatments that come to the fore in dental health tourism. The main reason for this is that the cost of dental implants and porcelain crowns is too high in developed countries. You can have a treatment of equivalent esthetic and quality in Europe at Marmara Smile Dental Clinic at a considerably lower cost than the cost there, and you can have the opportunity to have a holiday with your budget. Marmara Smile Dental Clinic offers high quality and comfortable dental treatments with state-of-the-art devices and superior health services.

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