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How to Brush Your Teeth?

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    The most effective way to remove bacterial plaque and food residues from internal and external and chewing surfaces of the teeth is to brush the teeth correctly


    Place your brush at a 45-degree angle at the tooth-gum junction. Move your brush to make small circles, keeping the bristles in the same place. This will allow the bacterial plaque to be cleaned at a level between the gum and the tooth. Repeat the same movement at least 5 times on each tooth.


    Clean the bacterial plaque on the outer surfaces of your upper and lower teeth with small circular movements. Clean the inner surfaces of your upper and lower teeth in the same way.


    Clean the back surfaces of your front teeth with the same circular motions, keeping your brush upright. Make sure you feel the bristles of your brush at the tooth-gum junction and between the teeth.


    Use the long bristles at the tip of your brush to clean the backmost teeth.


    Clean the chewing surfaces of your upper and lower molars by moving your brush back and forth. Do not forget to reach the back teeth and clean.


    Most bacteria accumulate on the tongue. To prevent bad breath, brush the tongue with a top-down sweep after brushing the teeth.

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