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Teeth Whitening at Home and Teeth Whitening Kits

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    Today, most people use teeth whitening methods at home to have a beautiful smile. However, tooth spots and tooth yellowing, which can become a big problem from time to time, are the biggest problem on happy smiles.

    Yellowing or stains on the teeth are mostly caused by a lack of oral care or insufficient care. In addition to inadequate care, disturbing stains on the teeth are inevitable, especially if cigarettes and alcohol are used. Unfortunately, most of us fall into the mistake of knocking on the doors of pharmacies as the first thing when we encounter this and a similar situation.

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening is the general name given to treatments to minimize yellowing or stains caused by over-consumed acidic beverages and foods, cigarettes and alcohol.

     In addition to professional methods, teeth whitening procedures are applied with more amateur methods. Although it does not give long lasting results and is not healthy, unfortunately one of the preferred methods is amateur teeth whitening procedures applied at home.

    When we consult the pharmacy as the way mentioned above, we have similar products or kits that they will apply to us when we contact the dentists. It does not matter where the procedure is performed, regardless of the product or treatment we receive, our substance required for the procedure is a substance called peroxide. 

    What Does Peroxide Do?

    Peroxide is a substance that causes the formation of bubbles. Therefore, if applied to the teeth, it enables the particles that cause yellowing or staining to swell and separate from the tooth surface. It is also found in non-professional home teeth whitening kits. It is the active substance in the products that dentists use to apply professional whitening in their offices. The only difference is the concentration of products.

    What are Teeth Whitening Methods at Home?


    Teeth whitening methods that you can apply in a home environment are quite a lot. The most familiar and widely used method is, of course, the method of using whitening toothpastes. This type of toothpaste contains a corrosive to help remove superficial stains on the tooth. Therefore, it is not as effective as teeth whitening kits, but they provide whitening a few tons.


    Another home-type method used for teeth whitening is the method of applying whitening mouthwash. Whitening mouthwashes are newer products than other products. Some also have components such as hydrogen peroxide to provide tooth whitening. However, the method of gargle is a method with a lower effect, as in toothpastes. Their effects are quite limited and require constant repetition.


    Another method that is suitable for application at home is teeth whitening gels. These gels are applied to the tooth surface with the help of a small brush. It contains peroxide and its derivatives. Since it is proper for home use, its peroxide density is less. It does not show immediate results, it takes a few days to show the first results.


    Another method is whitening strips. Whitening strips contain whitening gels. It must be used in accordance with the instructions. As with gels, it takes a few days to show a result.

    You are now familiar with the effects and persistence of the methods mentioned above. Again, there is one thing we’d like to point out again.

    Do not forget that teeth whitening procedures should be done by professional and expert teams such as Marmara Smile

    Why Should Teeth Whitening at Home be Under Doctor Control?

    In the procedures performed by professional doctors, the gingivas are masked and prevented from harm. Therefore, there is no problem in the use of more effective substances. However, in a home dental whitening kit that is used without a prescription or without professional assistance, the active ingredient is much lower. This is due to the possibility that the substance may come into contact with the gingivas or be swallowed. It can cause irreversible loss of gingival tissues.

    At the same time, teeth whitening procedures are methods that should be applied in a healthy mouth. Therefore, dental check-up is strictly required first.

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