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    What is Hollywood Smile Design?

    Sometimes in our daily life, in the relationships we establish with people, the part people pay the most attention to is our face, mouth and smile. For this reason, icons such as Hollywood actors who owe their lives and careers to this smile, their mouth and tooth structure are admired and modeled by people. In aesthetic dentistry, the term Hollywood Smile was coined to describe this impressive smile.

    Thanks to its popularity, in addition to being popular among cosmetic dentistry services, it has become a kind of art by bringing a new dimension to classical dentistry. In this way, you will have not only a beautiful smile, but also a work of art.

    The priority in the Hollywood Smile service is to design the most appropriate smile in light of the personal criteria set by our patients. Once the design is determined, the procedures to be applied will become clear. Before proceeding to the procedures, let’s talk about the golden rules of this method determined by dentists…

    Treatment Summary

    Operation Time

    2 Session

    Anesthesia Type

    Local Anesthesia

    Session Time

    1 Hour

    Recovery Time

    1 Day

    What Are the Golden Rules of Hollywood Smile Design?



    The upper front teeth should be even and should not contain any visible fillers. Upper incisors should be front and apparent compared to the other teeth.



    They should be symmetrical and prominent.



    The ideal appearance of the gingiva at the top is 2mm, and the gingival color should be compatible your skin tone.


    Lip width:

    It should be half the width of the face.


    Smile line:

    Editing the line opposite your smile line.


    Material quality:

    It is very important to use dental veneer materials closest to the natural appearance with high light transmittance.

    These criteria may vary from person to person, but “Hollywood Smile” is often described by experts in this way. In addition, Marmara Smile Dental Clinic supports the “Body Positivity” movement. Every person is unique! We are against the feeling of the individual with the perceptions of beauty imposed by the sectors. Our aim is to create value by adding health and satisfaction to the negative appearance of the individual, which is accepted with the free will.

    How to be Prepared Before Hollywood Smile Process?

    First of all, you take dental photos from various angles and send them  to your dentist. This allows you to get an idea of how much action is required and its budget.

    After the patient and the dentist agree, your teeth are examined in detail by X-Ray filming in your first month. The appropriate smile for the patient is prepared and planned in digital smile design programs. Then, the veneer prepared specially for you are placed in the second and third sessions after you leave our laboratories. If an implant is required, your implant is inserted.

    What are the Procedures Performed for Hollywood Smile?

    Zirconium Crown

    It is a special material with solid, long life, high light transmittance, metal supportless. Zirconium Crown is one of the indispensables of aesthetic dentistry.

    E-Max Crown / Veneer

    E-Max Veneer, one of the highest quality metal unsupported ceramic dental veneers, has been used frequently in recent years thanks to light permeability. It’s no different than a natural tooth.

    Lumineer Veneer

    Only a thin porcelain layer is applied to the front of the teeth. Laminate Veneer is applied for non-aesthetic teeth such as broken, intermittent, crooked, small and yellow color. A very small amount of intervention is made to the dental tissue.

    Teeth Whitening

    It is a must-have procedure to have a beautiful smile. Your teeth will glow like marble with dental whitening method that are most suitable for you determined by our dentists.

    Dental Implant

    Implant treatment is applied when there are tooth losses that disrupt your design and dental aesthetics.

    Hollywood Smile Processing Procedure and Stages

    First of all, injections are made to certain points with local anesthesia. In this way, with the experience of our specialist doctors, you will not feel any pain during the entire Hollywood Smile process. Some procedures do not even require anesthesia.

    If porcelain veneer is to be used in the second stage, firstly, the tooth enamel and surface are cleaned, then a small layer of 0.5 – 0.6 mm is taken from the first layer and the front surface of the tooth. Then, veneers prepared for you are placed and attached to your teeth very firmly with adhesive material that interacts with the help of ultraviolet rays.

    If crowns such as zirconium are to be used, similar procedures are applied. The only difference is that, instead of taking a small layer from the front surface of the tooth, it is completely reduced around and above the tooth. Afterwards, the prepared crown veneers are placed in your teeth thanks to ultraviolet and special adhesive substance.

    In the third stage, after all your veneers and implants are placed, teeth whitening and polishing procedures are performed to achieve a natural and unique appearance. Minor asymmetry in your gingiva is corrected. Your jaw closure and contact of the teeth are checked. If there is a wrong closure, this is noticed and corrected with a small retouch.

    This stage is very important because incorrect mouth closures can cause discomfort with facial asymmetry in the future and unbalanced pressure applied by the teeth. That’s why you should choose an experienced team and a dental clinic specializing in dental aesthetics such as Marmara Smile while having the Hollywood Smile procedure.


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    What Should be Mindful of After the Procedure?

    After dental aesthetics, the patients are discharged immediately. They can continue their daily work normally. If anesthesia is used, it is advisable not to do heavy work that requires attention.

    The first thing to pay attention to is not to grit your teeth and not to force them within the 1-2 days after the procedure. This may prevent your teeth and newly applied veneers from being damaged or removed.

    Transparent and soft plastic protective designed for this work by our doctors is given to the patient if you are in your sleep or involuntarily tightening your teeth due to stress disorder. After 2-3 days, when the sensitivity process passes, you no longer need to use this protector.

    The second thing to consider is that you take care of your oral and dental hygiene.

    Due to the nature of the materials we use, there is no discoloration for very long periods of time and does not require special care, but this does not mean that you need to disrupt your oral hygiene. Even if you pay enough attention, it is highly recommended by our doctors that you come to our clinic with annual periods and have your oral care and checks done. It will help protect your glorious smile and prevent you from developing dental and gingival problems.

    Starting from now:

    How to Make Clinical and Physician Preference?

    Since the subject of dental aesthetics is not an issue independent of oral and dental health, the doctor and health center you choose is very important. To determine these, you can check out the galleries that show the results of the health center’s previous work. You can review the comments and evaluations made to measure the satisfaction of the patients.

    Turkey will be the right choice as a location as it is of very high quality, economical and efficient in terms of health tourism.  Marmara Smile has always been at your service as a dental health center that has proven itself in dental aesthetics in Turkey for many years.

    If you want to be remembered and be held up as an example with your smile, you can immediately apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our dentists.

    Quick Answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a Hollywood Smile cost?

    As with all aesthetic dental services, the cost of Hollywood Smile also varies from person to person and according to the treatment plan. You can find out the average cost from our Treatment summary table below or our Price List page.

    Does the veneer process damage the teeth?

    Dental veneers do not harm your natural teeth, which are at the bottom in terms of both the material used and the procedures performed.

    Do I feel pain during Hollywood Smile aesthetics?

    The only pain you will feel will be a slight ache of the needle during anesthesia. This is almost never felt thanks to our mild doctors.

    Who can get Hollywood Smile dental aesthetics?

    Almost anyone who does not have any gingival disease and oral diseases can have it done.

    How long do the veneers used in the Hollywood Smile process last?

    The quality veneer materials we use are guaranteed for life. The possibility of breaking, cracking and deforming the covered teeth is very rare. You can use it for a lifetime unless a huge pressure is applied to the teeth, such as hitting and impact.

    What are the advantages of gingival aesthetics?

    In short, it can be summarized as a magnificent image that complements your face and smile in terms of aesthetics, glorious white teeth, solid veneers and implants that you can use for life. In addition, annual oral care control of every patient who has Hollywood Smile in Marmara Smile Dental Clinic is free.

    Referances & Citation

    The information on this page is written for general information purposes. It should not be considered medical information. If you feel unwell and are concerned about your health, contact official health institutions.