Digital Smile Design

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What Is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design has special importance in cosmetic dentistry. It is a protocol that provides the communication between the doctor and the patient to be progressed in a professional manner.

All individuals have their own unique facial features and characteristics. It is necessary to design the teeth, which is the most important part that defines the individual visually, by taking these characteristics into consideration. With digital smile design, all these details that make you special are transferred to the digital environment with technological methods and evaluated with special design software, and the most special design is made.

How Many Days Does It Take To Prepare Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is prepared within 3-5 days. In this process, the data received at the first appointment are evaluated by the doctor in a digital environment and smiles are designed according to the requests. When designing, parameters such as the person’s facial characteristics, nose, eyes, chin, ear, etc. are taken into consideration. When determining the form of the teeth, it is desirable to integrate with the style of the person according to the concept of visagism.

With the measurements taken, the digital design is transformed into a model, and a second appointment is arranged for this model to be tested and submitted for your approval.

Can I Make Changes In Digital Smile Design?

In the second rehearsal appointment of the digital smile design, the design made to the patient is presented to the patient. If any change is requested, your notes will be taken for the next rehearsal and a new appointment will be set. The patient has maximum three changes for the design before it is applied. After the third change, it is designated as a new design and different pricing is charged.

What Are The Cases In Which This Rehearsal Cannot Be Applied?

In cases where one or more of your teeth are too far ahead or behind where they should be, it is not possible to rehearse without changing the position of the tooth. Therefore, such teeth can affect the accuracy of the anticipated design and prevent the desired appearance. However, while making a decision, in such cases, it is proceeded with the common decisions between the doctor and the patient.

What Are The Exclusive Treatments Applied In Smile Design?

  1. Whitening is applied. Its duration may vary. Colour tone is whitened for an average of 40 minutes. For this, you can check out our dental whitening service.
  2. Porcelain lumineers are applied to the teeth. For this, you can check out our Lumineer service.
  3. Zirconium crowns is a method that is widely used. Zirconium is indispensable in cosmetic dentistry as it is a transparent material. For this, you can check out our Zirconium Crown  service.
  4. Porcelain brackets are used in the orthodontic part. The crooked tooth structure is treated. For this, you can check out our Orthodontic services.
  5. If there are missing teeth, it is completed with implant treatment. For this, you can check out our implant service.

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